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About Richard Tong

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Richard Tong (Full Name - Richard Tong Sing Wah) first touched a pencil balloon when he bought a balloon twisting booklet set that comes with some pencil balloons plus a pathetic small air pump. But since that moment he got crazy over ballooning.


This hobby had a go when he accepted a contract for balloon twisting from Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur few years ago. But it was when Hard Rock Cafe signed a contract with him, he became well known as a funny, dedicated, creative balloonist to the public.

 A recent picture of Richard








At Work

Other than twisting that 260Q long balloons, he does balloon sculpturing, decoration for events and functions such as company annual dinner, birthday parties, etc...

Richard also interested in performing simple magic tricks. Children just adore him whenever he is around. 

He was first interviewed by The Sun newspaper Jun 2000, and then followed by the Morning Crew on Hitz FM (92.9FM). Since that time, he become even more well known, both as a balloonist and a magician.

To contact him:


Mobile number: 012 - 335 7171 (New) 016 - 276 5607 (Old)

House Contact: 6(03) 7875 8632


Of course, if you would like to catch a glimpse of him working with balloons, we welcome you to visit at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 12.00pm till 3.30pm. He is always there every Sunday afternoon.


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