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First of all, the webmaster would like to thank you Mr. Richard Tong, for giving information and corporations for developing this site. The urge in making a site that is related to Richard's work has been lingering in my mind for some time. Due to miscellaneous reasons, and time allowance, it was delayed until now.

Process in building structure of the site, editing photos, arranging data, enquiring for information has taken quite a bit of time. In between this, I really would love to thank Richard again for his encouragements throughout the process creating this site.

And I must say that, of all the sites that I had done, this is something I am most satisfy with. St. David Ballooning is a very creative entertainment business itself, thus giving me lots of ideas to develop this site. However, homepaging is a continuous learning process, there are always something new I never encounter before each time I create a new website.

Also, it is a regret for me never been able to learn my javascript and cgi script the traditional way. All scripts that were used here are - "Ahemm" cut and paste from other websites. 

Anyway, thank you for you guys to drop in. Sorry for the grammar mistakes and mis-spelled words. If you did happen to find one, do send me a mail at for further comments.

The Webmaster,

Dana Chow

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