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Hi ya, this is our old Guest Book. It no longer accept new entries, to enter your comments, go to HERE


Uncle Richard, you are the best. Thank you very much for bringing us happiness. You are the man of happiness. Keep it up.


Magic Goerge, pls sent me ur email address again. I have problem getting a message through. Sent me a new email address when u get this message, OK?

richard tong <>
PJ, Selangor Malaysia - 04/05/2001

paying a return visit :-) liked that blue dog....If you would like to exchange links to each others sites drop me an e-maail. cheers george

magic george <>
Belfast, uk - 03/30/2001

congratualtions on the site!! i love richard's balloons, and when he joined us on hitz... he made me a gorgeous pink panther that sat around my neck for three days. then pinky just shrank. happy ballooning.

anu <>
KL Malaysia - 02/06/2001

keep up the good work & keep on twistin' ,God Bless ya !!!

uncle button <>
kul, wp Malaysia - 02/01/2001

Congratulations! Its a pretty site. You make great balloons. Happy Ballooning!!

Evelyn <>
Malaysia - 01/28/2001

Hi! Im one of galinas friends, she was the one who told me to check out the site! But i must admitt it's pretty groovy! I wish I could make stuff out of ballons - i've tried before but I don't think ballons like me! LOL anyway TOP SITE...luv rust

Rusty <>
Churchill, vic australia - 01/28/2001

hey...congrats on the site! maybe one day you can teach me to make something other than a mouse :)

Galina <>
Australia - 01/28/2001

Hello, this is our new guestbook. Please feedback to us about your comments

Dana Chow <>
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia - 01/21/2001